Twitter is a warzone. Analyze two accounts side by side in a dashboard.



So, what is this:

Tweetwars is a service that allows users to compare two Twitter accounts by analyzing their latest 200 tweets and presenting the results in an easy-to-use fully interactive dashboard. The dashboards contain the following sections:

Basic Statistics:

This section provides basic statistical information about the tweeting habits of both users. The statistics include the number of tweets, followers, following, retweets, likes, and average engagement rate. The dashboard allows users to quickly compare the tweeting habits of both accounts and identify any significant differences.

Emotion Analysis:

Using deep learning network, this section provides an analysis of the emotional content of each user's tweets. The dashboard displays a breakdown of different emotional scores for the tweets of each account. Users can gain insight into the emotional tone of each user's tweets and identify any significant differences between them.

Topic Analysis:

This section uses natural language processing techniques to identify the topics that each user tweets about. The dashboard displays the most frequently mentioned words or phrases and allows users to quickly compare the topics that each user focuses on. This can help identify similarities or differences in the interests of both users.

Network Analysis:

This section provides a network analysis of how each user interacts with their network. The dashboard displays the most frequently mentioned accounts, and allows users to identify any significant differences in the way both users interact with their followers.

Overall, Tweetwars provides a comprehensive analysis of two Twitter accounts, allowing users to gain insight into the tweeting habits, emotional tone, topics, and network interactions of each user. The service is useful for social media professionals, researchers, and anyone interested in understanding and comparing Twitter users.